Ka nye West opens up about his co-parenting drama with ex-wife Kim Kardashian: Men's voices matter

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Kanye West finally sits in a conversation about the co-parenting issues he faces with Kim Kardashian, his former wife. Kim Kardashian.

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The rapper has decided to officially make a statement on the drama which erupted on the internet following the incident.

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Interview, West shared, "This is my mother. children. I am sorry for any stress I caused in my anger because God requires me to be more resilient."

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I'd like the individual to have less stress and have the most well-informed and as peaceful as is possible in order to take care of the children.

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West went on an rant about being capable of making decisions regarding the children of Kim and his ex-wife following their divorce.

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" West compared his co-parenting issues to his fights with large clothing conglomerates "I have the right to speak however, I needed to be a fighter for that voice.

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West said, "It was all a disdain for something I created with my co-creator. I was the one who co-created the children.

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" Kanye also talked about one of the reasons for the conflict between Kim and Kim about their children's education is where they attend their education.

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He added, "I'm their dad. This must be co-parenting. It's not just the responsibility of the mother. As men, they are also able to make their own choices," declaring, "Men's voices are crucial."

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