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Taylor Hale, on her epic speech and historic "Big Brother' victory

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It was possibly the most thrilling and surprising trip in Big Brother's history

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It was a historical moment when Taylor Hale has crowned the winner of season 24 during this Saturday's Live Big Brother finale, 

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the first Black woman ever to be named the winner of the non-celebrity version.

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What does it mean to Taylor to be the first woman to win the game and the first Black woman to do this?

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Taylor Hale: That's exactly the goal I set for myself before this game. It's awe-inspiring that I pulled it off, given what I did during the first and second week.

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I think about them every day. When I was struggling, I thought about them. I also was thinking about Da'Vonne during her first season.


Even Kemi was a victim of bullying during her season. Even though she had been discussing "I was a high school bully," -she was still bullied.

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What I'm planning to do now is to go through all the previous ons.


Okay, I require two years. I'm looking for a few years. I'm sure All-Stars have just taken place, and we'll require some time in between.