Best 8 Dhoti Kurta for Men

Dhoti kurta – have long been considered an iconic representation of India’s rich cultural heritage, making waves in fashion over time.

From classic ensembles that stand the test of time to innovative designs by designers and brands alike, the dhoti kurta has become a versatile fashion statement worthy of every man’s wardrobe.

Here we showcase eight timeless designs which combine tradition with contemporary allure.

The Classic Cotton Dhoti Kurta Combo

Cotton’s versatility makes it a timeless favorite. Breathable, comfortable and effortlessly stylish dhoti kurtas made of white cotton are timeless accessories – perfect for temple visits and cultural events, where their understated elegance adds traditional charm.

Pair this outfit with some leather sandals and wristwatches and your dhoti kurta look is complete.

Silk Elegance Dhoti Kurta

Silk’s smooth texture and sheen add an additional element of luxury to a dhoti kurta set. From rich Banarasi silks to soft Mysore silks, the ensemble will certainly stand out.

Best 8 Dhoti Kurta for Men

Pairing an extravagant draped dhoti with a well-fitted silk kurta in deep shades like royal blue or maroon will ensure you stand out at weddings or grand events alike – this combination ensures more than one second look from others!

Contemporary Twist Dhoti Kurta

Who says the dhoti kurta must be strictly traditional? By adding modern design elements like asymmetrical kurtas, collared necklines or color-blocked patterns to it, this classic piece gains modern appeal – ideal for today’s man who enjoys mixing styles.

This look embodies both avant garde and tradition simultaneously.

Pastel Perfection Dhoti Kurta

Pastel colors exude subtle charm that’s hard to ignore, from soft pinks and yellows, to subtle greens that pair nicely with crisp white dhotis for a striking visual.

Pastel hues bring fresh, youthful and effortlessly stylish looks perfect for daytime events or summer weddings alike.

Printed Panache Dhoti Kurta

Gone are the days when dhoti kurtas were limited to solid colors; now prints reign supreme!

From geometric designs, quirky motifs or traditional block prints – printed designs add a lively yet sophisticated aesthetic. A printed dhoti kurta makes a striking yet playful statement!

Rustic Reverie Dhoti Kurta

Rustic fabrics possess an undeniable charm. Khadi or handloom fabrics feature coarse threads for an authentic rustic aesthetic, adding depth and dimension to a dhoti kurta ensemble.

Adorned with simple stitch lines or patchwork designs, it pays tribute to Indian craftsmanship while being eco-friendly, stylish, and telling its own tale of craftsmanship.

Regal Embroidery Dhoti Kurta

For occasions that call for something extra, embroidered dhoti kurtas can provide just the extra bit of elegance needed.

From detailed zari work on the neckline and intricate thread embroidery on the cuffs to sequin embellishment or even sequin accents – they transform any simple dhoti kurta into something fit for royalty.

Pairing this piece with traditional mojaris and a stole will complete this ensemble that makes an impactful statement about who you are.

Monochrome Muse Dhoti Kurta

Monochromatic ensembles hold timeless appeal. A dhoti kurta in shades from one color family – such as deep blues, intense blacks or vibrant reds – creates an impressive and visually consistent appearance that commands attention wherever it goes.

Bold, striking, and impactful: this bold look will ensure you remain the center of attention wherever it may lead.


The Dhoti Kurta, while steeped in tradition, provides immense scope for innovation. Fabrics to designs to colors to textures- the possibilities are limitless when it comes to creativity! Explore these styles, experiment and let your dhoti kurta journey be as unique as you.

Fashion is all about expressing oneself, so what better way than with this timeless classic!

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