kurta pajama with jacket

At Indian ethnic wear events and occasions, few combinations are as striking and versatile as the ‘kurta pajama with jacket.’

This ensemble, which marries the timeless elegance of a kurta pajama with a modern chic jacket, has become a fashionable standby at weddings, festive occasions and other significant events.

In this blog post, we’ll explore its charms and allure while looking into its origins, styles and tips to ace this look.

Historical Roots

The kurta pajama hails from India’s subcontinent and has been worn by men across various regions for centuries. Typically, this traditional attire consists of a long tunic (kurta) worn over light, airy trousers (pajama).

kurta pajama with jacket
kurta pajama with jacket

Over time, as fashion changed, however, more formal occasions and colder climates saw this style being enhanced with jackets or vests to add depth and contemporary flare to its timeless style.

Styles Galore: A Deep Dive into the ‘Kurta Pajama with Jacket’ Ensemble

An ensemble featuring a ‘kurta pajama with jacket’ is distinguished by its wide-ranging flexibility.

Although its core elements remain constant, there are numerous styles one can experiment with to personalize their ensemble – making each ensemble truly individualistic! Here is an analysis of what goes into creating this look:

Fabric Choices:

a. Silks: Silk fabrics add an air of grandeur and decadence to an ensemble. Their smooth texture and sheen make silk kurta pajama with jacket ideal for weddings or other lavish festivities. At the same time, deep maroon, royal blue and emerald green colors stand out particularly beautifully when created out of silk fabric.

b. Cotton: Cotton kurta pajamas are lightweight and comfortable – ideal for summer casual wear or religious ceremonies. When worn together with a lightweight cotton jacket, they make an impressive ensemble for daytime events or ceremonies.

c. Velvets: Velvets have long been associated with royalty, adding depth and dimension to an outfit. A velvet jacket worn over silk or cotton kurta pajamas can make for the perfect winter wedding or evening event look – especially in bold burgundy, navy, or black shades.

Embroidery and Details:

a. Simple and Elegant: Minimalism can be enhanced with an understated cotton or silk kurta pajama worn with an essential Nehru jacket, featuring subtle details like wooden buttons or piped edges to elevate the ensemble.

b. Intricate Embroidery: Hand or machine-embroidered designs can transform an ensemble into an original work of art. Motifs inspired by nature, geometric patterns or traditional symbols may adorn a kurta, pajama or jacket to complete its aesthetic appeal.

c. Beadwork and Embellishments: Beadwork, sequins or delicate mirror work are perfect ways to add extra shimmer for special events like weddings. Such details catch the light beautifully and stand out against their surroundings, making the outfit shine brightly against its surroundings.

Jacket Styles:

a. Nehru Jackets: Nehru jackets are timeless pieces with a collarless design that makes them universally flattering. Typically ending at the hip, these jackets can feature buttons, embroidery or pocket adornments; though traditionally single-breasted, they also come in double-breasted varieties.

b. Waistcoats: Waistcoats add a Western influence to traditional Indian wear and are ideal for casual and formal settings. Their more fitted silhouette allows them to showcase patterns or plain fabrics for versatility in occasion and appearance.

c. Sherwani-style Jackets: Sherwani jackets evoke the grandeur of Indian royalty with their long length, often reaching to the knees. Grooms often choose them on their wedding day for rich embroidery, heavy fabrics, and intricate detailing – hallmarks of this style.

Accessorizing the Ensemble: Elevating the ‘Kurta Pajama with Jacket’ Look

Accessorizing is like adding the finishing touches to a masterpiece; selecting accessories that best complement an ensemble enhances it and lends it a distinctive aesthetic that reflects one’s taste and style. Let’s explore all the ways we can accessorize our Kurta Pajama With Jacket look:

Traditional Footwear:

a. Juttis: Originating in Punjab, Juttis are handcrafted leather shoes adorned with exquisite embroidery. Available in various designs ranging from minimalistic and subtle to colorful and extravagant, their comfort and elegance make them a popular choice when worn as part of an ensemble incorporating kurta pajama and jacket pieces.

b. Mojaris: Mojaris are similar to juttis but feature more pointed fronts. Renowned for their intricate artwork, mojaris can often be crafted out of soft leather and feature beads or bells on their front, even elevated with a small heel for extra height. With their multitude of colors and patterns to choose from, mojaris are great shoes that complement or contrast your primary outfit perfectly!

Elegant Pocket Squares:

A small piece of fabric can make a significant impact! Tucked into the jacket’s pocket, it adds a dash of sophistication.

a. Solid Colors: An understated, solid-colored pocket square can make an elegant or striking statement depending on the overall color scheme of an outfit.

b. Patterns and Prints: Floral, geometric or abstract patterns add fun elements to an outfit, making it more vibrant.

c. Fabrics: Cotton or linen pocket squares exude elegance, while silk projects luxury.

Necklaces and Chains:

a. Beaded Necklaces: Handcrafted necklaces made of precious stones, crystals or wooden beads can add earthy and royal accents. Longer beaded necklaces may be layered for maximum impact, while shorter ones sit elegantly against your kurta.

b. Metallic Chains: Gold or silver chains with pendants or lockets add an air of grandeur, making an impressionistic statement at weddings that speak of wealth. Grooms often wear such chains to signify their status.

Traditional Headgear:

a. Turbans (Pagdi or Safa): Turbans have long been seen as a symbol of pride and honor within Indian communities, making turbans an essential component of an ensemble. Crafted from materials like silk cotton or brocade fabric, they can either be plain or decorated with jewels, brooches and feathers for an additional flair. Wearing one matching your kurta or pairing it with different jackets creates different looks.

b. Traditional Caps (Topi or Kufi): Caps can add an understated yet traditional look. They’re especially common in regions like Kashmir, where wool-embroidered caps are popular, or in Muslim communities where white cotton Kufis are common.

Tips to Ace the Look

  1. Fit is Key: Ensure your kurta, pajama, and jacket are well-tailored. A good fit can elevate the ensemble’s overall appearance.
  2.  Balance Colors: While playing with colors can be fun, ensure a harmonious balance. If your kurta is bright, consider a muted or neutral-colored jacket.
  3.  Care Instructions: Given that many kurta pajama sets with jackets have delicate embroidery or beadwork, always check care instructions. Dry cleaning might be the safest option.


A kurta pajama with jacket is more than an outfit; it encapsulates India’s rich cultural history while meeting modern trends. Wear it when attending weddings or other festivities for an effortless style that marries comfort with elegance effortlessly.

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