7 simple ways to help you make your wedding more eco-friendly

If you’re looking for eco-friendly wedding concepts, how can you begin? What is it that you mean by being an eco-friendly wedding? Is it just another confusion?

It’s not as hard as you believe. You can make many easy adjustments to ensure that your wedding day is more mindful and sustainable. There are green concepts for weddings that can be simple to implement.

David Rhode – the co-founder of the world’s best-known ethically-minded jewelry retailer Ingle & Rhode – said that as the climate crisis becomes increasingly pressing, it is essential to look at every aspect we live in and contemplate ways to ensure that we’re living ethically and sustainably.

Weddings are among the most critical events in our lives – this is no different. It’s an event that is unique, which by nature, it can result in a lot of items being purchased or booked that won’t be ever in the future.

From your wedding ring and engagement ring and your choice of the wedding venue as well as your dress and wedding decorations, we must begin looking for sustainable options so that the most joyful days of our lives don’t end up negatively impacting the environment.’

Sustainable wedding ideas for weddings

Here are some suggestions from Ingle and Rhode for all who want to have your wedding as mindful and sustainable as possible.

Purchase Fairtrade and recycled wedding rings

Did you know that making an engagement ring of gold can result in as much as 20 tons of garbage? This is why it’s crucial to consider having your wedding ring created with Fairtrade and recycled gold or platinum.

Locally host your wedding.

Don’t think about an event dependent on driving and flying, which can result in high CO2 emissions. Host the event closer to the home. Check out your guest list and opt for a location that has less travel time for everyone and is accessible by public transportation or, even better, by walking.

Create a sustainable menu

If the restaurant is catering the mealor hiring an independent catering service, be sure they’re environmentally conscious and use local, organic, and Fairtrade food items. It is also possible to attempt to create an all-vegetarian or vegan menu.

Also, at least include elements of these diets in the choices. For instance, you can not serve meat-based items in one of the meals or opt for desserts and starters made of plant ingredients.

Find a vintage wedding dress.

We’re not suggesting that you walk down the aisle wearing your mom’s wedding dress. However, finding an antique or second-hand gown is not just fashionable and distinctive but more eco-friendly.

Create a seasonal floral arrangement

A great alternative to flowers for your wedding day is to use potted plants and herbs or even leaves. If you’re looking for not smoky flowers, choose an arrangement determined by the availability of flowers at the moment and not flowers that must be shipped overseas. Request your florist to select only local flowers to lower your home’s carbon footprint.

Avoid single-use decorations

Do away with single-use decorations like Confetti. It creates toxic plastic waste that is nearly impossible to eliminate after being deposited on the ground. Many alternatives include biodegradable Confetti, recycled Confetti, and dry flower petals.

Opt for sustainable favors

Wedding favors can be an extraordinary chance to inspire your guests to come to be a part of the ethical values you hold dear. You can make a small donation to a charitable organization or charity committed to protecting the environment on your guests’ behalf.

Or, offer your guests an assortment of seeds. Consider flowers, plants, or even fruit. Your guests can bring their present home and put it in the garden, appealing to wildlife.’

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