Best KicKee Pants experience

It was my first time encountering the business KicKee Pants last year, and their style and quality enthralled me. The company is not only KicKee Pants, a family-run business. They also strive to produce their items using extremely breathable, comfortable, and fashionable organically grown bamboo and offer soft and comfy styles for every season. They aim to provide free clothes and allow children to enjoy innocence and joy while being fashionable and comfortable.

The last time I received some pieces in sizes 3 for our two-year-old son. Similar to earlier KicKee Pants products, the quality immediately became apparent when I picked them up. They have a great, sturdy “weight” feeling; however, they are incredibly soft! They will stretch and form depending on how you handle them. Our son loves his KicKee Pants clothes. He occasionally has his pajamas and clothes, but he tends to go to the KicKee Pants items first.

More Info about KicKee Pants

We are delighted with the quality of our KicKee Pants items. The Coverall is adorable and has snaps on the front. Also, it has a back flap with a snap closure to make diaper changes. This kind of one-piece is ideal for the weather changes we are experiencing with the arrival of Minnesota Autumn. It can run around, jump, and play comfortably while staying cozy and warm in this one-piece.

The other items that we received are as lovely as the Coverall. The cute Koala style on the cargo pants and shirt is perfect for Spring when the weather turns and warms to normal. At present, we can pair it up with a long-sleeve shirt underneath or with a sweatshirt as the Minnesota Autumn weather is kicking into. The blue shorts set featuring the three will be a nice outfit to wear in the summer of next year, especially when our son’s birthday is in June.

I’ve noticed the KicKee Pants items are close to the size. The size three pants are slightly bigger than our son, who typically wears a size 2. The fabric’s slight flex gives us a more extended wearing time. If you’re looking for quality design, comfort, and fashion, look no further than the offerings KicKee Pants have. Please look at some of their gorgeous pieces on their website.

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