Best Socks Options Should Go With Your Pants

It’s odd that there’s an abundance of discussion on the appropriateness of your socks to your shoes or whether they should be matched to your pants. Before we start, there is plenty of flexibility in choosing socks. Some guys opt to shine the sun with colorful socks, while others prefer making an impact with socks resembling hot dogs. Some (myself included) like to ditch socks entirely and show off their ankles year-round. We’ll go over the details in one second.

Best Socks Options Should Go With Your Pants
Best Socks Options Should Go With Your Pants

This post is more focused on tradition. The excellent option is to wear your socks if you are in a place where hot dog socks are not looked on – not just behind the grill! Therefore, after a lot of research and debate, it is apparent that there’s no easy answer! Surprise! I am pleased to announce that most people agree that “your socks should be matched to the pants you wear.” So there you go. You can put down your book if you are looking for the answer you’ve been looking for.

The idea for this rule of thumb is straightforward. You’re trying to achieve seamless transitions from the bottom of your trousers to your shoes to avoid creating an unattractive break in color when your pants slide in your general style of sashay! This is the main principle and should be observed wherever. If you’ve splurged and bought pants in a cerise color but need help finding a perfectly matched sock, you can pair your socks with your footwear.

Suppose you’re going to a highly formal event (like tea with Her The Queen’s Royal Majesty). In that case, I’d suggest avoiding this rule altogether! A formal event will usually require black trousers and shoes; therefore, it’s a simple decision in the end! If you try to enforce the matchy-matchy style, your outfit might become as dull as the grey blur below!

If you’re planning be insisting on wearing socks, take the time to play with socks! We’re not advocating hot dog socks. However, it would help if you didn’t mix novelty with enjoyment. I recommend staying clear of novelty items, bows, socks, bow ties, pocket squares, etc.

Making fun of your socks isn’t following the rule above too seriously. The break in your footwear and your pants reflect a bit of your personal style. A unicolor color goes a greater distance in showcasing your personality than any pattern could ever do. However, you can make two birds a day with one sock by selecting one that gives you more enjoyment further down the sock. I bought these socks from Paul Smith a couple of years back; they’re my first choice when I wear socks. Which usually is rare. )

The final tip: If you break the rules, take it seriously! Be sure to create sufficient contrast in your pants and socks (or shoes) to make your choice seem deliberate. If the tone or color is too similar, it can appear as if you tried to be a match but failed, so you should err on your side with boldness! Always err in the direction of courage when dressing! The time is short, you know.

If you’re trying to avoid confusion about socks, I recommend my favorite one, the ankle…or “European socks,” as I like to call them. If you follow our Instagram feed are aware that I’m not afraid to show some skin around the ankles, and wearing socks is usually an exception to that rule is not the case. Or is it the only exception I’ve never been able to tell the distinction?

Something about the skin break transforms your outfit from professional to chic. It eases the burden and provides a casual look that lets you know that you don’t take yourself too seriously, no matter how well-put-together your outfit looks! I’ve received a lot of criticism over this one on Instagram…but most of the time, it’s from people who post photos of crossbows. So I don’t mind it too often! We’re not here for conformity.

The last tip for these European socks is don’t make the same mistake as I did and get the cheapest socks available. My dad always says, “You buy cheap; you buy twice.” Pick a good cotton sock that’s comfortable, breathable, and cushioned around the heel. Also, you should select a pair that has an inlay of rubber that is non-slip on the heel to prevent the socks from sliding into your shoes! I guarantee it.

Wow, would you never have thought there is so much to learn about socks?

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