Diesel Jeans Find your perfect fit and pair of Jeans

The customers who shop with us at Apache can be found in all sizes and shapes. That’s why we carry many different Jeans to meet all your requirements. We have the expertise to help you find that perfect shape you’ve been searching for.

No matter if it’s straight casual jeans you’re seeking or slimmer jeans, we can get you an appropriate couple of Diesel!

The Straight Fit

It’s the Straight Jean is our longest-running piece, also known as Larkee and Waykee of Diesel, and are the ones we first started with when we initially introduced Diesel to our shop and are still in use today.

An elegant silhouette with an elastic waist and a comfortable thigh is the same width from the hem to the hem. They are worn in the autumn and winter months to be worn over a bulky boot.

The Tapered Jean

The Tapered Jean is now our most popular Diesel style in recent years, in the wake of replacing the Straight as the top choice, particularly when you consider the Buster and Belcher fittings came out and are recently the D-Bazer.

It begins with a loose waist and thigh until it reaches the knee. This is where the magic happens. The Taper starts to form an elongated hem and slimmer on the calf. Perfect for the runner looking for a slim fit but still has space for their huge legs.

The Slim Jean

Slim Jean Slim Jean follows the same shape as the Taper and is just slimmer. Our most popular small model is the Thommer. It begins with a more tight thigh, but not too close, and then at the knee, it slows to a remote hem, which will be over your footwear of choice.

We only offer the Diesel skinny jeans if it has an additional stretch weaved into the jeans to give you the flexibility you need for your daily life.

The Skinny Jean

It’s the Skinny Jean, the Sleenker by Diesel is a tight fit that starts at the thigh and remains tightly to the hem atop your shoes, and we’ve discovered that it’s usually a pair of trainers.

Similar to the slim, we’ll only carry the Diesel Skinny if it comes with stretch added, which is generally a 22% elastane blend with Denim.

Washes and Materials

It’s been a long time since when Denim was a gentle stone wash. Today’s jeans come in more colors than pants, and Diesel is among the leaders in developing new technology for Denim.

The most recent addition to our collection is the “Stay Black Denim’, which is a unique fabric that keeps a long-lasting pure black color, so long as it is

Another option is the Ultrasoft Denim’, lightweight and incredibly soft, providing ultimate comfort. Diesel also offers what we call”Dark blue Smart Denim, ” free of abrasions and fades.

We offer these jeans well for that elegant occasion, paired with a blazer and shirt.

Washed out Blacks and Blues are the most popular casual Jean color we have here in Apache, and we offer a variety of color options in all your favorite styles to make your ‘Everyday Jean A “colored denim” is something that Diesel has been doing in recent times which straddles the boundaries of Jean and Chino.


Luckily for us, Diesel offers what we refer to as the “in-between sizes” at the waist. With several stores and brands, they offer sizes of 30-32″, 32″ 34″, and so on.. here at Apache, thanks to Diesel, we do a 31″ and 33″ waist which means there’s less of a gap between sizes.

We also carry short legs (30″), a regular portion (32″), and a longer one (34″) to ensure that we don’t have to leave anyone with ankle swivels. If we don’t have your length and you’re shopping in the store, we offer the option of alteration by an expert tailor to ensure that you have the correct size.

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