matching wedding couple dress combination

Twinning with your favorite person on the planet would be a lot of fun. The aesthetics that result when the bride and the groom wear the same outfits are simply stunning. The combination of the groom’s and bride’s dresses is one of the hottest trends, as they are constantly changing.

It’s a fun and beautiful thing to do, as well as a great way to take pictures. Today, the couple decides how and where to purchase their outfits. We’ve gathered a selection of combinations of the bride and groom’s dresses so you can get an idea of what to do on your special day.

matching wedding couple dress combination
matching wedding couple dress combination

Amazing Printed Maroon Outfit combination

Simple outfits can work wonders. An outfit that features a golden booty on a maroon long blouse and a maroon lehenga can be worn. Your handsome man can also wear a Nehru jacket in the same pattern. This outfit is perfect for a photo shoot.

Emerald Green at its best

This emerald combination is a great choice for brides who are more inclined to choose unusual colours than traditional ones. You will look stunning in an intact mirror-work lehenga with emerald blouse and similar mirror work, while the groom can opt for a sherwani with floral green prints.

Same Colour Combo Western Outfits

It doesn’t matter what your traditional attire is. You can also wear coordinated western outfits as a couple. For example, the bride may be wearing a gorgeous brown gown and the groom will be wearing a black kurta pyjama over it.

Amazing Abstract Art Printed Outfits

Abstract is sometimes a better choice than floral. The bride can wear a Sadri with the same pattern, while the bride can opt for a multicoloured blouse and coordinated lehenga.

Peach Coordinated Outfit Combination

You don’t have to wear the same pattern on all your outfits. Instead, choose the same color shades. The bride can wear an off white lehenga with orange embroidery, while the groom can choose a peach-coloured kurta.

Aqua Blue is always in fashion

Blue is an eye-pleasing color. Therefore, it’s a good idea to choose the same colour. The bride may wear an aqua-blue lehenga with intricate heavy and glittery embroidery. However, the groom may choose an off-white sherwani that has blue floral prints.

Golden will make your shine

It is both a traditional and attention-grabbing color, so choosing golden would be the right choice. To add some contrast, the bride can wear a heavy rose-gold lehenga and the groom can wear an orange kurta-pyjama that has a turquoise Sadri.

Grey Coordinated Bride Groom Outfit Combination

A gentle grey outfit is a good choice if you don’t like bold colours. A blush pink lehenga can be worn by the bride with intricate embroidery, while the groom can choose a grey sherwani that gives off an off-white appearance.

Champagne is a beautiful colour

The champagne colour is equally beautiful as hot pink. A heavily embroidered champagne lehenga can be worn by the bride, while a lighter champagne sherwani can be worn by the groom.

Blush Pink will make you blush

Blush pink is a colour that represents innocence. Therefore, choosing it as your couple outfit combination will reflect simplicity. The bride can wear a blush-pink lehenga with an upper sheer; the groom can rock the same print sherwani.

Start to choose the perfect bride-groom outfit combo for D-day, and then have fun!

You have now chosen the best outfit combination for your wedding. Check out these cool and trendy ideas for couples to enter the contest.

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