Style and comfort didn’t have to be a pair However, today, the most comfortable male shoes are among the most stylish. From casual styles to athletic shoes, the shoes that are comfortable are plentiful and vast (like the feet of some males).

We’ve spent the time to find the most comfortable men’s shoes. And, of course, the best-looking shoes too. In contrast to Sketchers and Orthotics the article is focused on stylish additions to any man’s shoe collection. Also, a boost of comfort for long hours spent walking.


In terms of the most comfortable sneakers for males and women, the CLAE Bradley shoes are the top choice. The most striking feature of these sneakers is the Neoprene heel. It is smooth and provides the sensation of being able to slip the shoes off and on.

Although this isn’t much of a problem as CLAE sneakers have soft leather that is more comfortable than other brands.


Amberjack is a household brand in the world of most comfy footwear for men and for good reason. This Brooklyn-based company puts an emphasis on comfortable male dress shoes which will take you from the office to beyond.

There are only two collections that allow them to focus on the essentials. There’s a twist, however. The original dress shoes are manufactured in Portugal made of A-grade full grain leather, which has a soft padding and a foam insole. Instead using memory foam Amberjack utilizes a unique type of foam that is activated through heat and provides durable arch support.


Shoes for dress are not often considered to be comfortable. Actually, the majority of dress shoes are extremely rigid and difficult to break. However, not this pair of Oxfords made by Myrqvist. The Swedish brand has made all the effort to design shoes that are comfortable for the feet as well as attractive to the eye.

The top-quality construction has been designed to be used for everything from sitting at your desk or working for hours. However, if you intend to walk for long distances take a look at the leather sole instead of the rubber sole to ensure long-term durability.


The high-end shoe for walking has gained a fan-base due to its incredibly comfortable design. Some reviewers describe the shoe as walking on cloud and say they’re like slippers.

The specifications of this sneaker won’t leave you with a lot to think about. The sole with cushioning is similar to the way you bounce on springs and the mesh upper allows for wide and standard fittings. No squished feet here. The stunning colors are available in 14 different shades either. Our favorite is black and can be elegantly dressed with pants and a shirt shirt or used for athletic wear with sweats or shorts.


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