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Plus-sized blogger Anna O’Brien has recently spoken out against being instructed that she must “cover up” her body at a scheduled photo shoot at the Las Vegas hotel.

Through the hotel’s public relations department O’Brien arranged an event for swimmers in the Sin City hotel on April 10. She specifically stated that she would shoot in swimming suits for her fashion and life blog Glitter and Lazers.

Best big sizes bikini dress for women
Best big sizes bikini dress for women

The hotel was reported to have responded to her that she “was welcome to shoot anywhere in the hotel except the casino floor, provided [she] had no large equipment” This means the lobby in gold in which O’Brien posed wearing the Curvy Beach bikini was free to use and was endorsed by the establishment.

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The same story was unfolded O’Brien claims she was told to dress in clothes over her one-piece, or go home.

The second time, O’Brien attempted to make her case with her decision: She discussed her agreement with the hotel’s public relations team and then showed security guards their emails.

But she was eventually forced to be let go. Although it may have been the result of a disagreement between hotel employees O’Brien took to Instagram this week to address the social impact that the event had.

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This isn’t going to go away. It’s a learning process as I push myself to learn more editorial concepts. The pushback is more intense.

This is why I insist. This is more than an innocent girl living in the sinful city wearing bikinis, it’s an assertion. You will be noticed.

We’re not going to hide anymore. We’ll wear whatever we like, anywhere we’d like. Not only in Vegas. EVERYWHERE.

Change is on the way; the issue is whether you are going to hinder the process or support us as we move forward?”

In the process of being instructed to dress up, while others had the same clothing, she was not only with no money to cover the expense of her trip that she arranged specifically for the hotel in which she was shooting and also ridiculed for wearing swimwear in a place which allows women to have as much freedom as they’d like — in the case of thin women obviously.

As O’Brien said the situation is a symptom of a larger issue in society.

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However, O’Brien has utilized this setback to encourage. The bikini photo isn’t only a style for those who are plus-sized and a statement of rebellion.

In living her life openly, joyfully and in as few or as many different clothes as she’d like — and making an entire career from her bikini style — O’Brien is striving for acceptance of fats.

In addition, by addressing what she calls her “push backs,” she’s helping people who can’t talk about their issues.

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