Best Nail Polish Get Inspired in 2022

Looking for inspiration for your manicure? We know that you’d like to be aware of the latest nail polish trends that are out there and we’ll help to follow the best blogs in the field and ensure that you never skip a new trend.

We’ve compiled these best blog sites for nail polish that can help make your ideas and come up with nail art designs that are unique and fashionable ways to amaze your loved ones!

Best Nail Polish Get Inspired in 2022
Best Nail Polish Get Inspired in 2022

Vampy Varnish Nail Polish

Kelly’s Vampy Varnish was launched in year 2008. Vampy Varnish is an online nail cosmetics and polish blog and is the perfect place to look for reviews and swatches for the most recent collection and the latest brands.

Peachy Polish

This blog is full of fun! Valencia of Seattle is proud to be the owner of the blog, and she’s feeling it with posts about nail polish, reviews, and many more.

Polish Is The New Black

If you’re looking for genuine ideas and inspiration, as well as learning useful techniques this blog is the best place to go.

Rachel is from England and was always obsessed with nail polish until she began her blog in the year 2015. She’s a self-taught blogger and writes during her free time in addition to her job as a speech therapist.

She is passionate about sharing nail designs and also reviews and swatches.

Fashion Polish

The blog is packed with collage-style images, as well as reviews of various types of polishes. Sam who runs the blog is a big fan of nail polishes as well as nail art and all things related to nails. You can check out the tutorials on how to apply polish.


A blog is written by Karine an engineer in the day, and a fan of beauty in the evening. This blog will provide all you must know about nails as well as skin care, Korean beauty, makeup and beauty in all forms. Enjoy!

This blog is eye sweet! It is run by Metka who is a nail-loving enthusiast from Slovenia. The blog’s name is a reference to a story: Metka was known to bite her nails but was able to stop. we’re extremely happy for her and her professional blog.

Novels And Nail Polish

The name says it all, this blog is dedicated to nails and books. The blog is written by Taylor who blogs about stunning nails as well as fun colours and excellently written pieces of literary work!

Dry, Dammit

Every nail polish lover can understand the blog’s adorable name. It is run by Haylee from Tasmania, an island state that is Tasmania located in Australia. The blog was started by Haylee in April 2013 and is now transitioning towards Dry, Dammit! which is a non-vegetarian blog.

The Beauty Department

In 2011, the site was established by Kristin Ess and Amy Nadine, The Beauty Department was established to make a connection between professional glam squads and the average girl. The site features a stunning nail section that is full of suggestions, inspiration and reviews.

Work. Play. Polish

The blog has been regularly updated since 2012. this blog is a must-read for anyone who needs to be aware of nail art and inspire you with the hottest nail polish designs. The blog has been updated for approximately one month, but each post is gold in the making.

Chalkboard Nails

This blog is super cute! It is filled with nail polish tutorials, it’s bound to keep you entertained all year long.

The site is owned by Sarah Waite, editor, and creator of Chalkboard Nails and a licensed nail technician as well as a photographer.

It is a must to try the tutorial with hand-painted designs, such as this elegant black and white hand-painted nail Art.

One Nail To Rule Them All

Alice blogs about nail polish who hails from Yorkshire, England. With an education from the Department of History and a full-time job in Marketing, she has time to write about her love of nail polish.

There are many nail tutorials, reviews, as well as other instructions for using nail polish.

Manicured And Marvelous

The blog is owned by Roselynn Mercedes, Manicured and marvellous is a nail polish blog focusing on reviewing swatches, and various kinds of nail polish, including mainstream or indie-inspired nail polishes. We love it.

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