Five Best Handbag Brands For India Prices List for April 2022

Like wearing the perfect outfit for the event is a crucial aspect having the appropriate accessories can help complete the appearance. Handbags that are luxurious are the focal point of any occasion or event.

Their broad range of luxurious design and colors combine to meet the varied demands of classic as well as contemporary fashionistas. If you’re searching for the best brands for bags in India Then you’re in the right spot.

Five Best Handbag Brands For India Prices List for April 2022
Five Best Handbag Brands For India Prices List for April 2022

It can be difficult to choose a bag to match your style due to the countless designer handbags on the market.

To help you narrow down your choices we’ve put together 10 of the most popular handbag brands in India to show off your style game.

Baggit The best for Handbag

Baggit is among the most popular brands for handbags in India. It was founded in the year 1990 by Nina Lekhi.

The brand is recognized as a premium handbag company that produces the finest quality bags at reasonable prices.

You can purchase faux leather or canvas, as well as other materials which add a trendy modern twist to the boring bags.

A splash of vibrant colors and a dash of class, and a design that you like is what Baggit luxury handbags offer.

Their stylish design, varied sizes, abstract prints , and low prices for luxury handbags are what make them the most sought-after in India.

Are you looking for a luxury bag that will be suitable for different occasions?

Lavie for trendy Handbag

Lavie is a lifestyle brand that was established in 2010 , catering to all the needs of women in the shoe and handbag segment. There are a variety of styles in their premium handbags such as slings, clutches bags, totes bagsuettes, and more.

Wear your summer outfit with a stunning and colorful luxurious sling bag.

You can redefine your own personal style by using the incredible assortment of Lavie bags.

Make your day more enjoyable by wearing colour-blocking Lavie luxurious handbags for the party and showcase your fashion sense. Get dressed up by carrying Lavie bags that are luxurious every time.


Add a touch of style to your outfits by using the stunning assortment of Caprese luxurious bags. Keep your cash and credit cards well-organized in the cheerful shades of Caprese bags, hobos or slings.

They come in eye-catching colors such as olive green gold, burgundy, gold, and other colors to fit various moods and events.

Get that glamorous look by wearing an array of Caprese designer handbags with eye-catching stylish and trendy styles.

There is the perfect Caprese bag that will complement your look whether you’re going to a formal occasion or enjoying a casual lunch with group of friends.

Caprese has a selection of luxury bags that can be used for any occasion!


Hidesign is a well-known global fashion label founded around 1978 with the help of Dilip Kapur. It is among the top brands for handbags that offers high-end and trendy luxurious leather bags.

The unique designs of Hidesign are perfect for those who are fashion-conscious and prefer genuine leather goods.

Durable, long-lasting sturdy, and trendy are some of the characteristics of Hidesign’s Hidesign luxurious bags.

You can pick a messenger bag clutch, sling and many more with attractive colors from the Hidesign brand.

Da Milano

Da Milano has an experience that spans more than six decades of manufacturing leather products.

Bags made by Da Milano are strong and are designed with a modern aspect that provides comfort with style, making Da Milano one of the top female purse brands around the world.

With its growing global reach, it has new styles of luxury bags designed to meet the latest trends, designs and trends on the market.

There are a variety of vibrant colors and designs from this company to match your style. The brand has a variety of luxurious handbags, ranging from slings, baguettes and buckets.

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