Best Style to wear Kaftan dress in 2022

They’re loosely fitting but always flattering and flowing with Kaftan dress. Contrary to what many people believe that women too aren’t only appropriate for beachwear.

While they are a fantastic piece of beachwear, a Kaftan is more than it appears. You can easily make heads turn with a kaftan no matter the occasion.

How to Style a Kaftan dress How to Style a Dress Style Tips and More
How to Style a Kaftan dress How to Style a Dress Style Tips and More

A Little Initiation into The Kaftan dress

What is a Kaftan dress ?

The traditional kaftan, also known as a caftan, is a slender ankle-length dress that has long, flowing sleeves. The loose style of dress was initially one-piece, a buttoned-up garment worn by men during the Middle East.

Kaftans were constructed of cotton or silk and usually were accompanied by a sash, or belt tied around the waist, and sleeves that were longer or elbow-length.

It is believed that the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul has an impressive collection of Kaftans that are crafted from extravagant luxury fabrics.

At the time the wearing of a kaftan was considered to be a right of those who were Ottoman Sultans from Turkey and others who held an enviable position in society.

It was considered to be a prized and valuable piece of clothing handed out to the most important people from the Ottoman Empire during major ceremonies or to generals who were victorious in the battle.

How to wear a Kaftan dress

1. On The Beach

It’s one of the most well-known (if not the most sought-after) ways to wear an afghan these days. Wear it as a covering at the beach to instantly bring your beachwear to the next quality.

Made from a light and breezy material the kaftan is an excellent choice for those who want to add some style to your bikini or your swimsuit.

In addition, it can also protect against UV rays from the sun (if it’s long enough to cover the majority of your body).

2. For formal or casual occasions

Kaftans can be worn by almost every woman, regardless of their size or shape, they can conceal any areas of your body that you’d prefer not to emphasize.

For instance, women with an extra-large bust can have an amazingly attractive appearance by wearing the kaftan that has long sleeves and low-cut V-necks.

What to look for when You’re Looking for the perfect Kaftan dress

1. The Right Fabric

It’s all dependent on the time you’ll be wearing your Kaftan. The flimsy fabric it’s typically made of could make your dress appear unsuitable for the event you’re planning to wear it unless you alter your look with carefully chosen accessories.

However, indeed, a kaftan constructed from cotton, silk, or any other natural fabric is an ideal choice for a casual day out (i.e. beach picnic). Pick georgette, rayon, silk, or satin for more formal events for an event like an evening event.

2. The Right Length

You can get both shorter and longer versions of this dress. A long, printed kaftan that is medium-length is more appropriate for the workplace, particularly when coupled with leggings, while a shorter Kaftan is a great option for casual events.

For a complete appearance, you can pair it with jeans or shorts that are slim fit.

A long kaftan (at least, mid-calf floor-length dresses can add fashion and elegance, but) is a great choice for any formal event like an outdoor wedding or cocktail event.

3. The Right Bag

Due to its loose fitting, it appears somewhat oversized. Because the goal is to achieve balance and harmony, smaller bags and purses (for casual looks), as well as clutches (for occasions like a night out or formal events), are a good choice.

If you must wear bags, choose one that is in keeping with the color of the dress.

4. The Right Shoes

A pair of bare heels look stunning when paired with a kaftan that is printed.

One of the best things with kaftans is you can wear them with any shoes you want such as wedge sandals to high-heeled shoes according to the style you’d like to create.

Of course, it’s best not to pair a silk-lined kaftan to go with wedges, or with a pair of luxurious silver high-heels with the look of a cotton kaftan.

5. The Best Accessories

A few elegant pieces of jewelry will make you appear more stylish in your Kaftan.

If your kaftan already has glittering ornaments, you should not overdo it with jewelry that stands out like heavy, long neckpieces or earrings.

Instead, a stylish belt, watch, or tiny pearl earrings that are stylish whatever event you wear them to are stylish and safe alternatives.

However, when your kaftan looks basic and doesn’t have any fancy designs, you can update your style with a chic necklace and/or simple bracelet.

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