Best Blazer Brands for Men in India 2022

Blazers are also known as jackets, but they have a slightly different name than sports jackets and suits. Blazer Brands for Men aren’t as formal as suit jackets and they are an essential part of every man’s wardrobe. You can wear your blazers anywhere, from casual get-togethers with friends to formal events. You will be a celebrity if you can style your blazer perfectly.

Top 05 Best Blazer Brands for Men in India
Top 05 Best Blazer Brands for Men in India

There is a difference between Suit Jackets and Blazers

While blazers are often thought of as the same thing, suits and blazers are not. However, they are two distinct garments that serve different purposes.

India’s Top 05 Blazer Brands for Men

Blazers are slightly less formal than suits when it comes to formality. A blazer can be worn alone, while a suit jacket must be worn with matching trousers.

While blazers and suit jackets are usually solid-coloured, blazers can be printed. You cannot pair casual shoes with a suit jacket. However, you can wear any type of footwear with blazers, depending on what look you want to create.

Raymond Blazer Brands for Men

This brand is a favorite among men. Since 1925, Raymond Group has been producing world-class quality clothing.

When it comes to apparel, they are a powerful brand. Their success lies in their ability to provide the highest quality fabrics with consistency.

There are many options for blazers. These include single-breasted blazers as well as casual blazers. Double-breasted and contemporary blazers are also available. Raymond blazers have a unique finesse that is difficult to match.

Van Heusen Blazer

Van Heusen is a benchmark for men and women in corporate dress. This brand will show you how to combine sophistication and style.

You will find a wide range of clothing that suits today’s style preferences. You have many options for blazers: a doula double-breasted, fitted blazer, single blazer, single blazer, striped or check blazers.

It can be worn with chinos or a pair of jeans and you will look cool. Van Heusen’s blazer collection is perfect for those who want a blazer you can wear to both formal meetings and casual days out.

Blazer Peter England

Peter England is a brand that made its way to India in 2000. It has been a popular brand for formal wear since then.

Peter England will make an impression on everyone who sees you. Peter England is a strong international brand that is now very popular in India.

They offer a variety of blazers that will update your look, just like the other brands.

Arrow Blazer

Arrow is well-known for its American style. Their classic style makes them stand out from the crowd. Arrow is the brand to choose if you want to dress in style but still look classy.

It has the best selection of blazers available in India. Arrow blazers are the perfect companion for casual meetings or formal meetings with investors. Arrow blazers has a rich history and continues to strive for excellence.

They offer clothing of the highest quality. Arrow garments are distinguished by a sophisticated and rare appeal that will make you stand out.

Blackberrys Blazer

It is a premium brand in fashion that has been on the market for 25 years. This Blackberry blazer is a stylish and fashionable addition to your wardrobe.

They also offer a variety of other necessities, such as shirts, jeans, and footwear. They offer blazers of high quality that can be tailored to suit any occasion.

Wear it with a solid-coloured shirt if you’re going to a business meeting. You can also wear it with a cool shirt for casual days out.


You will have learned that a blazer collection is a must-have in every man’s closet. You can always keep your favorite blazer close by, no matter what occasion it is. It can be paired with any of your shorts, chinos, or jeans to achieve the desired look.

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