The Best 09 Honeymoon location ideas for 2022

With the explosive return of travel, most romantic honeymoon destinations in 2022 are those which cater to bucket list requirements.

In contrast to previous years, an increase in bookings throughout the hospitality and travel industries suggest that couples will have a great time on their honeymoon in the year 2022.

The Top 09 Honeymoon location ideas for 2022
The Top 09 Honeymoon location ideas for 2022

The requests for getaways in the coming year are likely to be focused on culture, accommodations with breathtaking views, and unforgettable experiences.

The length of honeymoons can be extended in the pre-pandemic period, especially when travel delays are prolonged.

“After putting celebrations on hold for the past 18 months, honeymoons are now accounting for 37% of the celebration travel Virtuoso advisors are booking,” states the company’s Vice President for Global Publicity Misty Belles. 

Find the top honeymoon destinations you can think about as you plan your honeymoon together with your S.O. for 2022.

The busiest year of weddings (ever) definitely coincides with the most popular year for honeymoons.

There are trends in travel, and honeymoon trends.

Similar to most wedding planning events The stakes are usually more high for the honeymoon as it’s the only experience that will last an entire lifetime.

The year 2021 saw couples were turning to the nearby areas of paradise that were socially distant.

These trends have expanded in 2022, even though couples are digging deep into the details of your romantic trip.

Wellness-Focused Getaways

Enjoy fresh fruits and juices in a beautiful nature-filled setting and food that is made from farm to table that is made from natural ingredients and tailored to your preferences.

Wellness-based trips are rapidly increasing in popularity which makes it one of the most popular and most durable honeymoon trends of 2022.

Couples may even opt to take a break after their wedding by abstaining from alcohol and re-energize their bodies by undergoing massages as well as vitamin drips, among others.

Couples who enjoy dining out are looking for chefs in establishments that specialize in freshly-prepared, natural food.

Another notable honeymoon trend is the new focus on wellness programs. Couples are searching for resorts that provide health classes like yoga at sunrise at the beach or a nature walk running clubs at the sea, or an outdoor spinning class.

The newlyweds are also looking for places that encourage active lifestyles with activities such as biking, snorkeling, kayaking and more.

The ‘We Can’t Recommend This Enough’ Experience

If not on your wedding day, when is the most appropriate time to embark on an unforgettable trip? Luxury travelers have long sought out trips to be proud of upon return home, however, these rare experiences aren’t just for the most elite of travelers.

Nowadays, couples are making plans to make a splash with their options for honeymoons such as swimming in bioluminescent coves, taking in an exquisite truffle meal and seeing active volcanoes from a helicopter, or waking in a glass-enclosed hut to the beat of the Northern Lights.

The Elongated Honeymoon

Following 18 months of changing and shifting and postponing vacations the majority of couples (if not general travellers) are enjoying longer getaways.

Traveling Responsibly

In the past, our footprint on the environment was more important. Travelers are becoming more aware of their environmental impact due to the growing debate about the effects of climate change and protecting wildlife.

“Some of the trends with honeymoons and other celebration travel follow the overall pattern we’re seeing as travel returns: a subtle migration from domestic back to international destinations.

Rooms With a View and Proximity

The majority of honeymooners have shied away from the traditional option of a garden view when they travel.

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Instead, they’ll spend more on the once-in-a-lifetime experience by opting for romantic open-air suites that overlook the majestic Pitons located in Saint Lucia.

The most knowledgeable travelers who want only the finest of accommodation can practically be able to hear their own Sound of Music soundtrack when they open their eyes in a luxurious suite that’s elevated above Swiss landscapes in the vicinity of Lake Lucerne.

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