Best 07 sports shoes for girls in 2022

It is never out of the season and the hunt for the most comfortable female sports shoes is constantly on.

It’s not just the endurance of us and our years of training that propel us to the finish line but the footwear that propels forward with every hit of the road.

Best 07 sports shoes for girls in 2022
Best 07 sports shoes for girls in 2022

While finding the right size isn’t an easy task I sought out experts to make sure we’re well-equipped with the right footwear for the tracks, treadmills and marathons that lie ahead.

In my own experience of finding the joys of running in the peak of the pandemic I went to Nike Run Club master trainer Traci Copeland.

She explained that the most effective running shoes for men and women are based on the way your feet do when you run.

sports shoes for girls with 2022 update

“Some pronate or supinate,” Copeland states, explaining the differences between runners who rest their weight on their insides versus on the outer side of their foot. 

The most basic is the wet test where you soak the soles of your feet and then step on a blank sheet of paper. The footprint that is left behind will reveal whether you’re a neutral runner or an over or underpronator.

As a neutral runner I’ve discovered the different Adidas Ultraboost prototypes to best match my daily running needs.

The supportive heel and the midsole design provides just the proper amount of cushioning needed to protect my delicate ankles from the constant pressures from urban running.

Vogue fashion editor and avid athlete Kathleen Thomas, on the other hand, discovered her ideal pair of shoes after seeking guidance from her grandmother who is a marathon runner who has been running for years. 

From the comfortable, light shoe designed for running in everyday conditions to the high-performance shoes designed specifically for elite runners and all in between, take a look at these top running shoes to add into your daily routine.

Concrete Crusader sports shoes

Created to be used on the streets designed for the road, designed for the road, CloudTec technology in On’s Cloudswift sneakers make walking on the pavement feel as if you’re running on clouds.

Their modern, lightweight design creates sleek styles but without compromising on the styles’ premium cushioning and energy return that make them suitable for New York City streets.

You can also take a ride through APL’s Streamlines and experience the look created to make you accelerate forward and speed up.

In for the Long Haul sports shoes

Stability, durability and the ability to fine-tune cushioning are the key factors to find the ideal running shoe for long distances.

For those running 5Ks or training for running a marathon The gel-cushioning technology of Adidas’s Gel-Kayano 28 is designed to increase shock absorption.

Adidas’s Ultraboost 21 combines energy return and a responsive design to recreate the I-could-run-for-ever-forever-feel.

Treading Lightly sports shoes

Most of us, the cold winter months mean that we trade on the pavement for our treadmills.

Making sure you choose breathable, light shoes that offer plenty of support will reduce the stress placed on your body, and help you achieve the most efficiency during that next workout.

Consider Nike’s Epic Reacts, for example that is equipped with top-quality performance capabilities. No surprise that it’s Copeland’s shoe choice.

Into the Woods sports shoes

Trail running is a distinct kind of beast, with a variety of terrain that changes at every step.

Similar to long-distance running sturdy shoes with stability technology are crucial when looking for the best pair.

Consider outsoles with gripping features to increase your ground contact and motion control , and keep you alert for the uneven terrain just down the hill.

Allbirds’ latest release The Trail Runner SWT, will definitely help by bringing trail traction that was inspired by the bulbous treads you see on mountain bikes.

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