How to Style Your Festive Red Sweater For upcoming holidays

A red sweater is the perfect holiday outfit. A red sweater can be worn with almost any outfit. It transforms a winter look into something that is cheery and festive. Party at the office Red sweater. Hot cocoa and a Christmas movie. Red sweater. Giving presents to Santa on Christmas morning? Red sweater.

It’s great to find new ways to wear what you already own. Today, we give you five ideas on how to wear your favorite red sweater this holiday season. These can be worn with anything from skirts to comfortable knit pants. It’s the holidays, so it’s time for us to add holiday spirit to our wardrobes.

1. Pair of trousers

You probably already have a pair or trousers in your closet. It’s obvious that they will look great with your holiday sweater. They will give you a polished look no matter what color it is–khaki or grey, black, they’ll do the trick.

2. Opt for a sweater-dress

Are you not interested in a red sweater? A red sweater dress is a better choice. A sweater dress is just as festive and more comfortable than a boot. It can be worn with any boot, sneaker or trench coat, or a denim jacket. This look can be used all year.

3. A great pair of jeans

Your favorite pair of jeans will look great with your red sweater. It doesn’t matter what denim you have, it will look great with any outfit. All you need is your favorite accessories.

4. A matching midi skirt

It’s impossible to have too many good things around holidays. Monochrome is a great trick that you can always count on, and will make you the center of attention at any event. For double the fun, pair your red sweater and a matching red mini skirt.

5. A romantic maxi skirt in a flowing maxi.

Holidays always feel magical. The season’s romanticism is captured in a flowing maxi skirt that can be paired with a red sweater.

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