Best Outfit Ideas For Daily Office

You’ve been there. Your alarm goes off for work, but you decide that you will sleep in and get “just five minutes more” (or, in the case with an iPhone alarm, nine more).

The alarm goes off four more times and you are left with very little time to get ready for work. Although office outfits can be difficult, they don’t have to be.

Six tried-and-true office outfits are here for you to use when you don’t have the time or energy to get up in the morning. You only need three pieces to complete these looks. If you have any other essential items, you can just grab them from your closet and add accessories if you want. These looks are available below.

1. A Turtleneck

This is the perfect look for fall/winter–a skirt is the best fashion girl look. (If you don’t feel like wearing a mini skirt to work, a midi will do.) A sweater and knee-high boots are also options. Add tights for the colder months.

2. A Blazer Coat

This office outfit is timeless. This office outfit is practically a standard for business casual. It’s stylish and comfortable. You can have some fun with a statement-making patterned blazer and nobody will be able to guess that you got out of bed 15 minutes early.

3. Striped Sweater

A chunky striped sweater is the most in-demand style for 2022. You can make your look instantly trendy by pairing it with an oversized trench and chunky loafers. You can also swap out your pants for whatever color you like. This combo is great with blue or brown denim, trousers or nice leggings.

4. Sweater with a hood

What is one thing we will be doing in the fall and winter? Over-sleeping with a sweater. This look is simple, timeless, and elegant when paired with a button-up shirt or oversized jeans.

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