How to Find the Perfect Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

The right sunglasses can be more than a sun blocker. They can also be a fashion statement or a strong accessory. Consider sunglasses like clothing. The most flattering pieces will be the ones that you tailor to your needs. Sunglasses look great when styled to suit your unique shapes and curves.

Your tailor cannot alter or hem sunglasses. However, the right frame size and style can enhance your features and elevate style. It doesn’t have to be difficult to find the perfect pair. You only need to know your face shape and which pair will flatter it the most.

Are you ready to find sunglasses that will last for many years? We have compiled the best selections for every face type and are now breaking down the most flattering sunglasses.

How to determine your face shape

Your blood type and hair color are well-known, but your face shape may not be. Although it’s not something that we often think about, the shape of your face will determine what frame sizes and shapes will flatter you best.

Pull your hair back to see your full face shape. The widest area of your face is the jawline, cheeks or forehead. This will give you the most accurate indication of your face shape. However, it is also possible to look at other factors such as the shape of the jaw (is yours round, angular or pointy?). You can also measure the length of your face (long or short). You can draw the outline of your face with lipstick or a dry erase marker if you aren’t sure what shape you have.

Sunglasses Ideas

Round Face Shape –

Square frames can be thought of as a contour kit. They add definition to your face, such as cheekbones. Avoid anything with soft edges and lines. They will balance your roundness. Look for rectangular frames that have sharp edges, or at least four corners when shopping for sunglasses. Preferably, the frame is thinner.

Square Face Shape –

This seems like an obvious choice. A square frame balances a round face. A round frame balances a square one. Round corners and soft angles will soften the appearance of your face. To soften your features, look for circular frames that have soft lines.

The Heart Face Shape –

This is contrary to all other face shapes. The most flattering frame for heart faces is the one that mimics the shape. The frames of cat-eye and aviators are narrower at the top than at the bottom. This will highlight your best features. Balance is key in choosing the right proportions. A smaller frame will work best for you if your features are smaller. You can choose thicker frames or larger frames if you have more striking features.

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Oval Face Shape –

Round sunglasses are more common for oval faces. This balances out the longer face shape. A narrower face can be accented by smaller frames. Larger frames are best to create the illusion of more width between cheekbone and cheekbone.

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