The Best Women’s Watches 2022

The top women’s watches combine functionality and statement pieces. Smartwatches are excellent for keeping track of your steps and setting goals. Still, there are also times you need a quality watch around your wrist: A luxury timepiece with exquisite details, sharp dials, and beautiful quartz movements.

This isn’t news to watch enthusiasts and collectors who are driving desire for antique watches and newer cult classics to round their collections. Looks, in various ways, are comparable to clothes for fashion.

It is common to choose different sizes, styles, and designs based on the mood or style of the moment. Although certain brands are renowned traditional (Rolex, Cartier, Hermes), there are lots of new, more affordable brands available that are worth investing in.

There’s some merit in disconnecting from the internet for a short time and getting rid of a phone’s constant pings and notifications. Instead, you can concentrate on the most important things–the time and date–and enjoy the analog life at the time you’d like to.

If you can choose the right one and are careful with the items you purchase, the watch will be worth more and last for years (good luck getting that from the smartwatch).

Then, a vetted guide to the most luxurious watches for women. There’s a mix of classics, many of which are available previously owned by trusted e-retailers and the latest standouts, as well as all the information you need about the brand and the factors that make their watches so desirable to collect.

And if you cannot let go of tracking, you can get an elegant smartwatch that’s subtle enough to wear with the perfect cocktail dress or formal dress.

Rolex: Handsomely Rugged And Highly Valued

It isn’t easy to think of any watchmaker more recognized than Rolex. Many watch enthusiasts believe the Geneva brand watches are the best in every aspect, from precise movement to elegant designs. The eyes differ in size and quality, and, despite being identified, the designs are not gender-neutral (for an extra-large model, look at the collection for men, and the reverse is true).

The Oyster is a horology icon that was first created in the 1920s. It set the stage for the industry’s most iconic waterproof case and self-winding in-house movements.

Briston: Luxury Accessible Price Point

French designer Brice Janet worked for 25 years at high-end brands, including Richemont, where he focused on Cartier timepieces, Baume & Mercier, and Raymond Weil. Then he launched Briston, his brand of own creation, Briston, which was established in the year 2012.

Designs are inspired by Janet’s travels in Britain with hunting-themed colors and sporty accents. This is the Clubmaster cult and features a dual-hand display, domed sapphire crystal glass, and an olive-green double strap.

Breda: Modern And Minimalist Styles

Established in 2009, Breda offers a contemporary spin on timepieces of the past, offering top-quality but not expensive designs. Breda cuts down on the typical retail markup by simplifying and improving its style. Many of their timepieces cost less than $150, are gender-neutral, and have sophisticated features.

The model is instant top-selling and has a sleek design. The gold-plated stainless steel rectangular case displays only the date and time through a narrow window. It is adorned with a strap that resembles a bracelet.


This is our own suggestion for choosing the top timepieces for females. If you have ideas about this subject, leave a comment below.

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