The Best Women’s Watches 2023

Hi, all friends we are now add some new and trandy looking women below and if you like some watches then you will go for it. This all watches is the best looking watch looking options for Women.

Swatch: ’80s Cult Favorites Worth Wearing Again

In 1983, Swatch shook up the watch industry in Switzerland by introducing its fun, stylish designs that gained prominence as an alternative to more traditional European watches.

Fun fact: Swatch can be a shorthand for “second watch” since the designs were meant to serve as wearable accessories. Collectors adore some of the styles of the past as well as the more recent models, like this Gent created with sustainably-sourced bio-sourced, bio-based plastic, and Swiss quartz movements.

Shinola: New Classics In The Making

Shinola was initially a shoe polish manufacturer established by a man named Rochester, New York, in 1877. It ended its business in the year 1960. However, in 2011, the brand was revived in Detroit and became an American watchmaker to compete with Swiss brands.

Each Shinola watch is made in America. The United States and its eye manufacturing plant is located in an old automobile research lab.

Its Bike Lock Watch is unique, a tribute to the first bicycle the brand sold in 2012, set in sleek bars resembling locks. Inside, it has two-hand quartz movements made in Detroit using Swiss and other parts imported from abroad, including a steel case and Italian Calf leather strap.

Hermes: Swiss-Made, French-Designed Beauty

Like Birkin bags, Hermes’ watches spark awe in collectors. Emile Hermes, the grandson of the founder Thierry Hermes, was said to have created the brand’s first watch specifically for his child Jacqueline in 1912 by adding leather straps to the pocket watch so that she could wear it on her wrist.

The 1920s were when the company made a bigger investment into its collection of watches combining its exceptional craftsmanship with Swiss-made movement. If you’re planning to splash out on a look, this Heure H watch is iconic and doesn’t feel suffocating due to its sleek form, sleek lines with a gold-plated H-bezel, and soft leather strap. It’s as elegant on your wrist as the brand’s famous bags.

Garmin: Old World Meets New Tech

Garmin earned its name from its GPS technology. Still, the company based in Kansas has proved its worth in the wristwear market and has also released smartwatches and activity trackers.

The Lily is distinct in the watch market because it looks and feels like a watch, not just an electronic device attached to your wrist.

The display resembles an analog watch. Still, when you turn your wrist, the screen reveals all your health stats (steps, sleep, stress, and energy levels) and messages–discretely–so you can stay up to date without being too distracted.


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